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Board Meeting Notes


September 19, 2015

In attendance: Josh S, Phaidra, Stewart, Kara, Rock, Jan, Andy, Jared, Alyn, Michelle, Amanda, Kjersti, Russ (via google)

  • Board Shake-up – Alyn
    • First of all: Do we need to boot off Phaidra, Josh and Stewart…or do we leave it up to them to choose to stay on or not?  Final policy on this issue needs to be established.
    • We cannot be paid as board members, we are strictly volunteers
      • we received info from Shawnda regarding legalities- its legal to pay conference director but they cannot sit on the board.
    • If we decide that this is legal, Phaidra would like to be Conference Coordinator Her term as past president ends in December, she can then be appointed as the conference coordinator
    • Josh reports info from bylaws on board member terms.
    • After you are rotated off the board you must go through the process to be reinstated.
    • Jon Liddard needs to submit W-9 for work on website.
    • Stewart and Jim met with our new accountant McCleary and will get W-9 legalities ironed out. At each meeting we should be reviewing finances/budgets
    • Josh S.- over the next couple months we need to amend/adjust the bylaws to include staff hiring, vendors and board member job descriptions
    • we can help board members with costs through reimbursements and travel stipends.
    • According to the by-laws the Pres Elect is the Conference coordinator- needs to be adjusted.
    • Josh S. (who is also acting as our Sargent in Arms) is willing to write a series of amendments to clean up processes- will email them out to the UACTT body by Thanksgiving
    • Josh S proposes that we write language for amending the bylaws to be approved at December meeting. Stewart Seconds and all agree. Nov 10th edited bylaws will be sent to Josh L, Stewart, Alyn and Phaidra.
    • Josh also proposes that we delay further payments to vendors until bylaws are figured out. Alyn seconds, all agree.
    • Term Limits:
      • we do not want to have term limits for every position- they will also need to be staggered.
      • As we vote we need to make sure we have all expertise covered
      • we also need to be clear on what board positions are ex-officio. (for example: Josh S is a rep for the Shakespeare festival and also sits on our board) We need a UTA rep from their board to represent them on ours.

    • Vote on President Elect nominations: There were very positive things about both candidates. The board members that were present took an anonymous vote.
      • Andra vote went to Andra
      • Rock
      • Josh S will write an amendment on term of President.
    • Treasurer Elect: Jim Alyn nominates and Josh S 2nds. We vote Jim in as treasurer.
    • Ratification at January meeting
    • Other Possible New Board Members (including a Historian):
      • Nadine Curtis (Roy HS)
      • Kristie Post Wallace (Elk Ridge MS) Yes
      • Mamie Argyle (currently not teaching but wants to help)
      • Tabitha Hanks (Rockwell Charter HS)
      • Ryan Erwin (South Hills MS)
      • Tamara Howell (Lakeview Academy) Yes
      • Tina Clements (Granite SD)
    • What about Jon Liddiard? If he is being paid, he can’t be a board member…but Phaidra invited him to be at board meetings… He can come to meetings, but not as a voting member
    • Kjersti would like to be historian. Josh S nominates, Alyn seconds. All approve the position.
    • Alyn proposes that we add a late fee to the UACTT member fee of $5 to encourage people to apply on time. No second on this proposal.



  • Conference Feedback Discussion – Kara

Generally very positive

  • Next Year’s Conference – Kjersti/Kara/Phaidra?
    • Financially, how are we now?
    • Brainstorm presenter ideas:

- Anne Bogart as keynote- her costs are high and we would need to increase the conference fee. Its proposed that we increase the fee to $130 to cover her costs (Josh S.) Alyn seconds. All Approve.

-Other presenters:

Doug Baker (Jan contact)

Breathing workshop 2

Improv a Musical (Andy)

Bring tour back to look at new spaces

teambuilding and mixer

Jackie Bell -Alexander Technique

Teaching Stage Combat- Jared or Amy Morrey

    • Theme


  • Mix up the teachers more. Add in a mixer or split teachers up at different tables for a meal- use colored cards or stickers.
  • Russ proposes that we  do a PDI at the conference- we pay a separate artist to do a 6 hour workshop on a specific topic (the participants would pay more)
  • Jan will bring back the raffle- makes the closing ceremonies more fun and worth people staying for.
  • Rock and Russ will need to prepare workshops for next year. Rock is planning to teach on collaboration
  • Michelle nominates Phaidra as Conference Committee chair- Josh S seconds. All approve.
  • No evening shows in the Randall MTW.
  • Tuesday night is Henry V in Englestat Theatre
  • Josh will get coupon code early for extra show.
  • We want to do a dinner at the new museum.
  • Contact potential presenters asap



  • UHSAA Update – Adam
    • Implementation of stuff discussed at meeting. How’s it coming?
    • What is the future of the UHSAA rep? What does the job entail?We must have 2 people on our board working with UHSAA because job is too big.

-Do we need a UTA rep? We need an ex-officio. Alyn will speak with Robin.


  • Big Retreat on December 12!


Starts at 9am