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The Utah Advisory Council of Theatre Teachers (UACTT) is a non-profit organization open to all theatre educators and individuals interested in theatre education with the purpose of promoting the advancement and betterment of theatre education in Utah schools; providing an annual theater conference and building a system of resources and information distribution.


Section 1: Active Membership. Active membership in UACTT shall be granted to individuals engaged in the teaching, supervision, or administration of theatre in elementary and secondary schools, colleges, or universities within the State of Utah, persons who hold a valid teaching certificate for the State of Utah and members of professional and community theatre organizations.


Dues and Other Fees
Section 1: Remittance of Dues. Dues shall be paid to the Treasurer of UACTT.
Section 2: Amount of Dues. The amount of dues for all categories of membership in UACTT, and the amount of all other fees, shall be recommended by the UACTT Financial Committee. This recommendation must be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.
Section 3: Other fees. The Utah Advisory Council of Theatre Teachers may participate in other state and national organizations which are designed to support theatre education.
Section 4: Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of UACTT shall be January 1 of each year through December 31 of the following year.


Section 1: Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the officers of UACTT and affiliated representatives. The Executive Committee must be active members of UACTT.
Section 2: There shall be an executive director (hereafter referred to as “President”) elected annually by active members of UACTT.
Section 3: Authority. Authority for the management policies and actions of UACTT is vested in the Executive Committee. This authority is hereby delegated to the Executive Committee by the active membership.


Duties of the Officers Of the Executive Committee
Section 1: The President. The President of UACTT has responsibility for the leadership of UACTT. The President shall preside at all meetings of UACTT and the Executive Committee, shall perform such duties as the office requires. It shall be the duty of the President to (a) enforce observance of the by-laws; (b) order the execution of resolutions; (c) exercise supervision over the affairs of UACTT and make decisions in cases of emergency when an immediate action is required; and (d) appoint all committees for which no provisions have been made. The President shall be the recognized spokesperson for UACTT, and in such capacity, shall represent the general membership of UACTT or appoint a designee therefore.
Other specific duties include (but are not limited to):  Collects information and prepares agenda (w/ Secretary); oversees UACTT goals and progress; submits official feedback and suggestions to related organizations; supports UACTT representatives as needed; oversees budget; coordinates with State officials; works with Director of Communications to draft informational letters for email, mailing, or website posting, or delegates to President-Elect to do so; works with President-Elect to maintain levels of professional, positive interaction; recruiting; acts as UHSAA representative
Section 2: The President-Elect. In the absence of the President, the succession to his/her duties shall fall to the President-Elect who shall also perform other duties as the Executive Committee requires. The President-Elect shall serve as the annual conference coordinator. This office implies automatic succession to the office of President.
Other specific duties include (but are not limited to): officially coordinates/UACTT calendar, makes sure affiliated parties/schools have opportunities to submit events; chairs meetings as delegated by President; recruits talent for workshops, retreats, and UACTT membership; researches and coordinates with other State Theater Teacher organizations (outside Utah); maintains yearly surveys, coordinates and recruits support for high school, community, and local theatre attendance; UACTT recruiting; monitors public relations (w/ Rep); prepares to serve as next term President.

Section: 3 Past Presidents. Any immediately past president of the Executive Committee shall continue to serve as a board member in the position of "Past President" for a period not to exceed two years for the expiration date of their presidential duties.

Section 4: The Secretary. The Secretary shall keep records of all meetings of UACTT and the Executive Committee, and in general such duties as the office requires (including but not limited to): records/distributes meeting minutes; proofreads (prepares if needed) meeting agendas; sends out announcements and reminders, collects responses (“hounddogging”); reports on event, meeting, program, etc… updates.
Section 5: The Historian. The Historian shall prepare a narrative account of the Council’s activities during his/her term of office, which, when approved by the assembly, will become a permanent part of the association’s official history. The Historian will also compile a pictorial/video history of the organization for the duration of his or her term of office.  Additionally, the Historian will assist the Secretary as needed and will keep a record of all awards received and presented by UACTT to be included in the archive.
Section 6: The Treasurer. The Treasurer shall have charge of funds of UACTT from whatever sources derived and shall render accounts of them to UACTT at meetings of the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall perform other duties as the office requires including:  serving on the financial committee; maintaining financial records; presenting the budget, disbursing funds, collecting receipts; researching and recommending fees and fundraising opportunities; balancing books, presenting financial report at end of fiscal year; [overseeing council tax return;] overseeing all billing and reception of fees/funds.
Section 7: The Treasurer-Elect.  The Treasurer-Elect will act as assistant Treasurer and serve as needed, preparing thereby to as the next term’s Treasurer.


Duties of the Executive Committee
Section 1: The Executive Committee shall participate in a minimum of 75% of posted meetings per year.
Section 2: Publishing a list of candidates. It shall be the duty of the Executive and/or the Nominations Committee to publish a list of candidates for each office including pertinent biographical information not later than six weeks prior to the annual general business meeting.
Section 3: Election Procedures, It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to determine election procedures.
Section 4: Filling of Vacant Offices. In the event that the office of President is vacated during a term of office, the President-Elect shall ascend to the office of President. The Executive Committee shall have the authority to fill any other vacancies occurring during a term of office by appointment. The appointee shall serve until the next annual meeting of UACTT at which time an election shall be held to fill the vacancy.


Terms of Office
Section 1: The Executive Committee. The term of office of President and of Treasurer shall be three years or until their successors are elected/appointed (said successors shall be qualified by at least one year of -Elect status). All other Officer and Representative positions may be held indefinitely.  Non-compliance of duties of the office shall be reason for removal.


Officers of the Executive Committee and affiliated Representatives shall be elected at the annual business meeting of the membership.


Meetings and Activities
Section 1: Executive Committee Meetings. The Executive Committee shall meet at least quarterly, with additional meetings scheduled as needed to address the needs, actions, and directions of UACTT.
Section 2: Date and Locations. The dates and locations for all UACTT meetings shall be determined by the Executive Committee.
Section 3: UACTT may conduct any activities which are consistent with the objectives of the organization.
Section 4: Quorum. A simple majority of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.


These by-laws shall be effective upon a majority vote of the Executive Committee. Written notice of any proposed amendment shall have been provided in writing not less than two weeks prior to the vote.




If UACTT were to dissolve, all remaining assets must be used in a related, non-profit cause.  These assets will be donated to the Theatre Teachers of Utah.

2017 Conference
Southern Utah University
Cedar City, Utah
July 26, 27, and 28, 2017
Sponsored/Hosted by Utah Shakespeare Festival

Congratulations to our 2016 Theatre Teachers who won awards

Mark Daniels:
Sterling Award Winner

Kjersti Parkes:
Master Award Winner

Cameron Garner:
Novice Award Winner